Accessing the Widget

You can start using BestDirection in just one click! Here’s all you need to know.


Opening the Widget

Access BestDirection at any time by clicking on the icon. You can also move the widget or icon wherever you’d like within your browser.


Reactivating the Widget

If disabled, you can easily reactive the widget by clicking the BestDirection icon at the top right of your browse, then select ‘Enable Everywhere’.


Closing the Widget

Once done using BestDirection, you can close the widget by clicking the X close icon.


Disable the Widget

To snooze or disable the BestDirection widget, click the Settings icon to view a menu with these options.

Directions & Printing


Find the Best Route

Begin by entering your starting point and end destination. You can include as many stops or additional addresses as you need to build a complete route.


Adjust Your Route

To reorder your stops along the way, simply click and drag the box with a named stop. To add a new stop, click the + icon.


Remove Stops

To remove a stop in your journey, hover over the address and click the X button that appears.


Print Your Directions

The final step! Click ‘Print Directions’ to download or print your directions with step-by-step navigation.


Start maps in satellite view

Change your default view by enabling maps in satellite view.


Current traffic

Trying to avoid traffic? Check your local traffic before heading on your way.


Avoid slowdowns

Steer clear of traffic jams - simply turn on the Avoid Slowdowns option.